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How-to Clean Sticker Residue Off Glass with Solvable™ Pro Grade Acetone - Solvable

How-to Clean Sticker Residue Off Glass with Solvable™ Pro Grade Acetone

Remove kitchen grease, oil, glue, wax, ink and wine stains

When it comes to nasty, stubborn stains, you can take on your biggest public enemies with the Solvable family of solvents. Originally formulated for professional applications, Solvable products overpower stains and unwanted build-up without harming household surfaces.

There are cleaning challenges in every room of the house. Solvable lets you tackle them with confidence.

Remove super glue and sticker residue from glass, tile and metal

There are times when you want to stick things together and times when you want them unstuck. With Solvable, you have the Professional Grade power to remove super glue, regular glue and sticky label residue. And Solvable offers solutions that are both safe and effective on glass, tile, metal and many other surfaces.

Clean and remove oil and grease stains from metal, wood, plastic and tile

When you need extra cleaning power to remove oil and grease stains from metal, wood, plastic or tile surfaces, Solvable has Professional Grade solutions. Instead of wondering whether a regular household cleaner will do the job, you can choose the brand that the pros use on grease and oil stains.

Clean and degrease kitchen cabinets and walls

Over time, a thin film of grease can build-up on kitchen walls and cabinets. By the time you can see and feel it, cleaning it has become a major challenge. When you’re ready to take on your kitchen walls and cabinets, you could use a regular cleaner and lots of ‘elbow grease’. Or you can trust Solvable with the Professional Grade cleaning power you’ll need to easily remove grease and leave your kitchen surfaces gleaming.

Remove coffee, wine, wax, ink and marker stains from carpet and more

In the world of household stains, coffee, red wine, wax, ink and marker are some of the worst offenders. Removing them from your walls, carpeting, wood and plastic surfaces takes Professional Grade cleaning power that focuses on removing the stain without harming the area you’re cleaning. Solvable solvents are formulated to clean up the worst stains you can throw at them.

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