Strip Wood Surfaces

Stripping wood surfaces for indoor or outdoor use

Refinishing wood surfaces begins with stripping away the old, worn finish and preparing the material for something new. But this is much more than a face lift! When done properly, refinishing brings out the natural beauty of wooden surfaces, while adding protection and durability.

With over six decades of experience, Solvable’s products will help you strip and refinish any type of wooden surface for indoor or outdoor use, whether the material is pine, maple, cedar, walnut, or something else.

Stripping wood furniture reveals the natural beauty hidden beneath

Whether you are a professional entrusted with heirloom antique furniture, or a DIY’er refinishing the kitchen table, you need products that consistently deliver. Fine furniture, like ornate dressers and wood chairs can have complex details that make paint stripping challenging. Add to that sentimental value and you have a project that requires both power and finesse.

For decades, professionals and hobbyists alike have trusted Solvable’s furniture refinishing products to safely strip old finishes from the pieces that need extra care.

Stripping wood stairs while adding protection and durability

Stairs often define the character of a home by drawing the eye of visitors. They also see heavy use every day, which means renovations might pose inconveniences. Wondering how to refinish wood stairs with minimal disruption? Solvable’s products are designed to make quick and easy work of your refinishing project.

Match your stairs with an appropriate paint stripper, then add durability with the wood treatment of your choice. Boiled linseed oil, for example, protects wood surfaces from scratches while providing an attractive finish.

Stripping outdoor wood requires a high-quality solvent

High quality paint or lacquer helps protect exposed wood from the elements. Looking for a fresh new look or have rain, snow, and UV rays chipped away at your wood’s outdoor protection? Quality paint and varnish strippers are the first step to refinishing your deck, fence, or wood siding.

Rely on Solvable’s professional grade products to remove lacquer and paint from problem areas and restore protection to your exterior wood.

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