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Quickly Dissolves, Cleans & Evaporates.

  • Thins fibreglass resin & removes adhesives
  • Dissolves two-part epoxies
  • Cleans tools used for epoxies & lacquers

Solvable Professional Grade Acetone is an effective solvent that is excellent for dissolving two part epoxies before they set, for cleaning fibreglass repair tools and for thinning fibreglass resins. It removes the sticky residue and cleans lacquer application tools.

ADDITIONAL USES: Acetone may be mixed with water to reduce strength when used to clean vinyl or fibreglass surfaces. Use full strength to remove sticky residue from price stickers on glassware and porcelain.

Use As Per Label Directions


Solvable Acetone Packaging Specifications

Item # Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
53-260 473 mL /8 056438532606 80056438532602
53-261 946 mL /6 056438532613 60056438532615
53-264 3.78 L /4 056438532644 40056438532642
53-268 18.9 L 056438532682 -
23-269 205 L 056438232698 -

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