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How-to Clean Marker off Wall with Solvable™ Mineral Spirits - Solvable

How-to Clean Marker off Wall with Solvable™ Mineral Spirits

Clean ink, marker, crayon, grease and grime off drywall, tile and more

Every surface in your home presents its own challenges and some of those challenges take more than a regular household cleaner. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for cleaning stains off walls. But there is ‘one brand fits all’. Solvable has a Professional Grade cleaning solution for just about every type of wall inside and outside your home. They’re formulated to power-lift stains and leave surfaces unharmed.

Clean ink, marker, crayon and more off painted drywall

Removing stains from painted walls is always a balancing act. With regular cleaners, you have to scrub hard to remove the ink, food, crayon or marker from the wall, but you may end up removing the paint finish along with the stain. And if you worry too much about damaging the surface and ‘under scrub’, you can leave the stain behind.

Solvable Professional Grade cleaning solutions let you match the right painted drywall cleaner with the stain. They’re strong enough to remove stubborn stains but gentle on painted surfaces. And there’s a Solvable product for your dry surface whether it’s coated with latex, oil or acrylic paint.

Remove tough grease and grime from bathroom tile and grout

The bathroom is no place to compromise on clean. Regular tile and grout cleaners can leave you with a less than pristine cleaning. Instead, use Solvable’s powerful solvents to quickly remove greasy film and grime build-up in the bathroom without damaging the tiles or grout.

Solvable lets you feel confident that your bathroom is deep clean.

Clean stone and masonry walls

Rough surfaces deserve to be clean too. But regular household cleaners don’t always do the job properly. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, stone, tile and masonry walls need specialized solvents to remove oil, grime, grease, tar and all manner of spills and spatters.

Solvable applies Professional Grade strength and advanced chemistry to clean-up stone, tile and masonry. It’s hard on stains and saves you time with less scrubbing.

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