Clean & Degrease Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

Cars, trucks and motorcycles can be expensive to buy and maintain. To protect your investment you want to keep them looking good to maintain their value. Car washes help. But most of them can't cope with the most nasty and stubborn stains the open road has to offer.

Professional grade Solvable solvents and thinners match heavy duty stains with heavy duty cleaning power. They help you to keep your car, truck or motorcycle clean and looking showroom fresh.

Clean and degrease car and truck engines

There’s nothing better than lifting the hood of your car or truck and seeing a gleaming engine compartment. It speaks volumes about how well the vehicle has been cared for.

The dirt, grime and oily sludge that collects under your hood has been baked on by the heat of your engine. Getting it clean takes the power and specialized formula of Solvable Professional Grade solvents and thinners. Not only does a clean engine look better… it also performs better.

Remove grease and grime from chrome

When it’s clean and polished, chrome is like fine jewellery. Keeping it shining and preventing dullness and pitting takes specially formulated Solvable solvents that are tough on dirt and grime but kind to your chrome’s finish.

Solvable gives you a Professional Grade solution to maintaining your vehicle’s look and its value.

Bike degreaser for motorcycles, dirt bikes and bicycles

For tuning up drive chains, you can depend on Solvable degreasing solvents. City streets, country roads, air pollution and nasty weather can all conspire against your two wheeler.

To remove dirt, grit, grease and grime from your bike or motorcycle, Professional Grade Solvable solvents and thinners supply extra cleaning power, especially for those hard-to-reach places between spokes and deep in braking mechanisms.

Remove tar and tree sap from your car's paint

Tar and tree sap are two of the stickiest, most stubborn stains you can have on your car’s finish. You can’t hose them off. Sometimes, you can’t even scrub them off. What you need is a cleaner that’s strong enough to remove tar and sap without damaging your car’s paint job.

Professional grade Solvable cleaners and thinners have the right chemistry to cut through sticky, gunky stains, leaving your car’s finish clean and shiny.

Remove car wax, grease and grime from your car's finish

Every once in a while, it’s good to take your car’s finish right back to the way it left the showroom. Over time, grease, grime and car wax can all build up, making your paint job seem dull and uneven.

Restoring the brightness and lustre of your finish takes the power of Solvable Professional Grade solutions. Tough on the build-up. Easy on the shine.

Remove sticky residue from windshields

When parking permit, oil change and registration stickers expire, they’re not always easy to remove from your windshield. In fact, the sticky residue could stay with you for the life of your car.

Solvable Professional Grade solvents remove the adhesive residue from your windshield and windows without scraping, steaming or scrubbing.

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