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High quality paint solvents for a professional-looking job

Every painting project has its own unique set of challenges, but delivering success always depends on having the right tools and supplies to deliver outstanding results. Solvable offers a complete selection of professional grade paint solvents and thinning solutions to take on even the trickiest painting projects. And Solvable formulates products for quick and easy clean-up and proper maintenance. Solvable ensures that your painting tools are kept in top shape so you’re ready to go when it’s time to start your next job.

If attention to detail matters, you’ll appreciate all of the options that Solvable brings to your project. Solvable is brought to you by the leader in high quality solvents for more than 65 years.

Clean Up Paint

The clean-up may not be the most satisfying part of your painting project but it’s always an important part of doing the job right. That’s why it makes sense to find the right paint cleaner products to help you clean-up as quickly and effectively as possible.

Thin Paint & More

For virtually every painting project, the goal is to create a smooth and even finish, without runs or errors. What’s the best way to ensure that paint goes on evenly? Experienced professionals know that thinning paint is the best way to achieve the desired viscosity.

Thin Stain, Shellac & More

Some types of finishes can be thick and difficult to apply. That’s why professional painters and furniture refinishers use thinners on their projects involving stains, shellacs, varnishes and fibreglass resin.

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