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Professional - Solvable


As a professional, you depend on the cleaning and thinning solvents you choose

The tools, materials and supplies you use on the job have to pay their way with professional grade quality and reliability. You have too much on the line to risk an underperforming solvent. When they perform, you can perform.

Professional grade Solvable products deliver specialized solutions where you need them. Contractors, tradespeople and working artisans have depended on solvents and thinners to do the job and do it right. Made with pride in Canada, the full line of Solvable products is formulated to deliver a professional performance every time.

Auto Body Shop - Solvable

Auto Body Shop

The preferred solvent choice of auto body and collision shops

When the quality of your body work is under constant scrutiny, attention to detail becomes even more important. Customers look at your repairs every-which-way… from up close, from the side and under the glare of the sun to make sure you’ve fixed their car right.

Solvable products support Canadian auto body and collision shops with their professional grade solutions for professional results.

Paint prep, thinning and cleaning.

Solvable solvents are invaluable around the shop for wiping surfaces to prep them for painting, for paint thinning, for work area clean-up and for cleaning HVLP spray guns.

Painting Contractors - Solvable

Painting Contractors

Painting contractors depend on Solvable solvents

As a professional painting contractor, you have to be meticulous about prepping surfaces, thinning paint, maintaining your tools and cleaning up your work area. Taking care of the details leads to a better job and happier clients.

To meet your own exacting standards, you can count on professional grade solutions from Solvable for quality and performance on the job, where it really counts.

Thinning paints and coatings. Cleaning brushes and spray guns.

As a painting pro, your work can include oil-based, latex-based, acrylic, enamel and lacquer paint types. The complete selection of Solvable professional grade solvents allows you to choose the right match for the job you’re doing.

Solvable is the only solvent brand you need for thinning paints and coatings, for cleaning brushes and HVLP spray guns and for work area clean-up.

Wood Working and Cabinetry - Solvable

Wood Working and Cabinetry

Professional grade solvents for woodworking and cabinetry

Solvable recognizes that woodworkers and cabinet makers are as much artists as they are fabricators. For 65 years, we have formulated a complete selection of specialized solvents to support your work in wood.

Your livelihood depends on selecting the right pieces of wood and the right tools for each project. Solvable gives you the same breadth of choice for professional grade solvents. They’re formulated to meet your expectations. Measure twice and pour once.

Thinning, cleaning and refinishing on woodworking projects.

As a woodworking or cabinet making professional, you have high expectations of the products you use on your projects. Solvable takes great pride in meeting those expectations for thinning paint and coatings, for cleaning your brushes, for cleaning HVLP spray guns and for cleaning and refinishing wood and metal surfaces.

Solvable is the brand you can depend on for professional grade performance.

Printing Companies - Solvable

Printing Companies

Printing companies look to Solvable for professional grade solvents

Printing companies operate in competitive, price sensitive markets. To be successful, they need to offer consistent quality and value to their customers. From the Canadian leader in high quality solvents for more than 65 years, Solvable has served the printing industry with a complete selection of professional grade products and value.

Taking care of your printing presses and equipment is an essential part of your business and materially affects the quality of your finished product. You can count on Solvable to help you produce your best work.

Cleaning and wiping down printing presses and equipment.

Lithography, letterpress, screen printing, flexography and gravure processes all require solvent support. Solvable professional grade solutions are formulated for effectively cleaning printing presses, removing dry ink and wiping down the press.

As a professional printer, you can be reassured. After all, the creators of Solvable have been in the business for more than 65 years.

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