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Thin Stain, Shellac & More - SolvableWorks

Thin Stain, Shellac & More

Thinning stain, varnishes and fibreglass resin

Some types of finishes can be thick and difficult to apply. That’s why professional painters and furniture refinishers use thinners on their projects involving stains, shellacs, varnishes and fibreglass resin. Through experience, pros know that thinning gives them more control over application. The coating goes on smoother with less chance of ridges, clumps and streaks.

Thinning stain - SolvableWorks

Thinning stain

With so many different kinds and colours of wood stain available, it’s good to know there’s one brand you can count on to provide professional quality thinning. Solvable is an essential part of the application process whether you’re refinishing your daughter’s vanity or planning on staining something big like a deck or a dock.

Right off the shelf, stains are often too thick to apply easily. Solvable’s line-up of professional thinners allow you to control the viscosity of the stain, so it goes on more consistently and gives you the smooth, professional finish you’re looking for.

Thinning varnish and shellac finishes - SolvableWorks

Thinning varnish and shellac finishes

There’s nothing better than a fine looking finish to protect wood surfaces from moisture, heat, spills and surface damage. As with many categories of finishing products, varnish and shellac often come from manufacturers with a thicker than ideal consistency.

A premium quality thinner is an important contributor to the application process. Professionals and serious woodworkers depend on the right thinner to achieve that ideal viscosity for multiple layers with fewer sags and runs. Thinning varnish or shellac is the secret to delivering a smooth finish and with the exact level of gloss to make the job look perfect. Professionals who know wood, know that Solvable is the brand they can count on for a perfect finish. They trust Solvable to make any finish easier to work with.

Thinning fibreglass resin - SolvableWorks

Thinning fibreglass resin

Controlling your material is the key to success with most projects. The right viscosity is particularly important on projects requiring fibreglass resin. Although fibreglass resin will bond to almost any surface, including metal, wood, foam, plastic and ceramics, it will not penetrate porous materials like wood unless it is thinned out.

The right Solvable products allow more control by thinning fibreglass resins, especially given the accelerated speed at which these materials harden. Solvable, brought to you by the leader in solvents for over 65 years, lets you feel confident when you take on a project that requires thinning fibreglass resin.

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