Strip Coatings

Strip coatings simply and safely

Working efficiently means not having to choose between doing the job right and getting the job done. Solvent based paint and varnish strippers enable you to work efficiently by dissolving the connection between finishes and surfaces, without damaging the surface itself.

Solvable has worked to create paint and varnish strippers that balance power and finesse. They offer the right strength and precision, making Solvable safer than alternatives – both for surfaces, and, more importantly, for you.

Versatile paint stripping

In just five minutes, our solvent based stripper loosens the bond between paint and surfaces. Then, with only a paint scraper, you simply lift the paint away. Instead of sanding paint down, the solvent does most of the work, making it an ideal paint stripper for wood and metal surfaces which might otherwise be damaged by other paint strippers or excessive sanding.

Solvable’s paint strippers also strip oil and latex paint. They can also be used as polyurethane paint strippers.

Combine the flexibility to work with different paints and surfaces with the power to remove paint quickly by using Solvable’s paint and varnish strippers.

Strip varnish away thoroughly

Varnish protects wooden surfaces, but it becomes an obstacle when floors and furniture need retouching. Although you can strip varnish from wood with sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease, it is time consuming and risks damaging the surface that you are trying to protect.

Focus instead on completely stripping varnish by making the process easier. Solvable’s paint and varnish strippers are strong enough to dissolve glue and adhesives, shellac, polyurethane wax, and other coatings. Just finish the job with a light scrape. Save your time and energy for the details, so that you can safely deliver more thorough results in less time.

Strip lacquer efficiently

Solvable Paint and Varnish Stripper and Solvable Heavy Duty Stripper remove lacquer finishes on wood and brass. Lacquer may be easier to remove than some finishes, however, Solvable paint and varnish strippers allow you to work quickly and effectively. Prepare surfaces for something new, without spending all of your time and effort wrestling with old finishes.

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