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How-to Clean Paint Splatter with Solvable™ Paint Thinner - Solvable

How-to Clean Paint Splatter with Solvable™ Paint Thinner

Professional paint cleaners for brushes, spills and paint sprayers

The clean-up may not be the most satisfying part of your painting project but it’s always an important part of doing the job right. That’s why it makes sense to find the right paint cleaner products to help you clean-up as quickly and effectively as possible.

No matter what you’re cleaning, Solvable is the one name you need to know for quality, dependability and delivering professional results. Whether you’re a professional, a first-time DIY painter or a fine artist, Solvable products are formulated with your needs in mind. With a broad selection of Professional Grade Solvable products, you can specifically zero in on the paint cleaner to match the tools and materials you’re working with. Solvable takes the struggle out of clean-up with the right solutions to get you to the finish line.

Cleaning paint brushes, rollers and trays

Cleaning and taking care of your ‘tools of the trade’ has never been easier. Solvable has formulated a full portfolio of specialized, Professional Grade paint cleaners and thinners to help you finish your painting job no matter what kind of paint or materials you’re using. Whether the type of paint you’re working with is latex, oil, lacquer or enamel, Solvable has a product that’s formulated to make clean-ups quicker, with less scrubbing, even when you’re dealing with dried or caked on paint.

Painting pros take extra care with their tools, and it shows up in the attention to detail in their work. That’s why the Solvable Professional line of paint cleaners keep your brush bristles supple, and your trays and rollers ready for work. It extends the life of your tools so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Cleaning paint splatter and spills from floors and walls

Do no harm to surfaces, even sensitive ones. Splatters, spills and drips happen no matter how careful you are. And you can’t always anticipate where they’ll happen or what they’ll land on. What you can do is rely on Solvable to offer you a product that’s specifically created to clean just about every kind of sensitive surface you might encounter. Solvable provides trusted paint cleaner solutions for floors including carpets, rugs, hardwoods, linoleum, tiles, laminates and porcelain flooring. With Solvable, you don’t need to wince when unintended paint splatters or drips land on that adjacent wall because there are solutions formulated for cleaning latex or oil-based painted drywall, stucco, wallpaper and even windows.

Solvable Professional Grade formulations let you choose a specific product that will remove the paint splatter, spill or drips without causing collateral damage. With the Solvable Product Selector Tool, you’ll always find the right solution.

Cleaning up paint sprayers, paint guns and power rollers

The job isn’t finished until the clean-up is done. Paint power tools require special cleaning and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and deliver the professional quality finish you deserve. With paint sprayers, clean-up is particularly important for longevity and performance. The last thing you need is dried paint in the mechanism, nozzles or tubing, especially when you’re in the middle of a big project.

Solvable offers a broad selection of Professional Grade paint cleaning and maintenance solutions to help you clean and unclog spray guns and power rollers. Whether you’re spraying interior paint to deliver uniform coverage in a large room or working with tough, fast evaporating lacquer based paint to refinish furniture, Solvable has a professional formulation to keep your equipment up and running.

Your time is valuable and getting the best out of your equipment makes your investment payback fast. Solvable Professional Grade solutions keep your productivity high and your down time low.

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