Strip Metal & Other Surfaces

Stripping metal and other surfaces requires a tough solvent

Different materials bring different challenges. When stripping paint, its important to know how to remove the paint without damaging those materials. Within 5 minutes, you can remove paint from metal, wood and concrete while protecting the natural beauty of the material. Target and remove the paint with Solvable’s professional grade solvents.

Stripping metal surfaces quickly and efficiently

Many commercial, industrial and home projects begin with stripping paint from metal. Whether you’re working with industrial equipment or a shed that has been repainted one too many times, with the right tools you can restore the metal to its former lustre or prep it for the next coat of paint. Either way, Solvable solvents strip paint off metal surfaces quickly and efficiently, saving you on the effort and the time.

Stripping concrete and cement is easier with the right solvent

Concrete and cement are tough and versatile materials, but they still need a delicate touch to look their best. Our solvents will get the job done, no matter the situation. Removing hazards like bird droppings or floor paint under freshly removed tiles, cleaning spilled paint from a garage floor, and restoring vandalized property by removing spray paint are jobs made easier with the right solvent.

When you need to strip paint from concrete and cement, its important to match the right solvent to the right paint. With Solvable, you can identify which solvent best matches your project and count on professional grade quality. Our solvents are robust enough to strip paint from concrete and delicate enough to lay a foundation for the next step of your refinishing project.

Stripping bricks and masonry is possible!

Brick is porous. When you paint brick, the paint seeps into the brick’s pores, making it impossible to scrape off. And power washing it away could damage it. Solvable’s targeted solvents remove paint without damaging the brick or stone masonry underneath.

Whether you plan to restore brick or stone masonry to its natural look or want to try a new colour of paint, face this challenge with a solvent proven to achieve professional results.

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