Painting Preparation

Painting Preparation for interior and exterior painting projects

A little extra attention before painting will save you headaches once you break out the brushes. Cleaning, lightly etching, and removing stains from surfaces will prepare them to properly take a coat of paint. Otherwise, they are at risk of peeling or discolouration. In other words, in need of another coat of paint.

Avoid unnecessary do-overs with Solvable TSP.  Able to take on difficult stains caused by oil, grease, and grime, TSP can help you paint tricky surfaces both inside and outside of the home. Use it on everything from the walls in your kitchen, to the floors in your garage, to the side panels of your house.

Invest a little bit of time at the start of your project and admire superior results at the end. Work with wood, cement, metal, masonry and more with the confidence that you have the tools for professional results.

Drywall and plaster

Even the most common surfaces can do with a little extra attention. Help indoor surfaces look their best by wiping away the dust and grime that lead to blemishes. A few extra steps at the beginning of a project results in a professional level of detail that makes the most of your paint and your time.

Concrete and cement floors

It pays to face the biggest challenges head on. Oil and other heavy-duty stains make painting concrete and cement an intimidating project to tackle. Arm yourself with the right tool to eliminate those obstacles. Your reward for that preparation is a cement and concrete painting job that gets easier as you continue on.

Wood, metal and masonry

Effective preparation will help you achieve the same level of excellence with other materials as you do with walls or ceilings. Clean away the excess wax from furniture and use powerful cleaners to prepare metal and masonry. Partner with Solvable for professional results on a wide array of projects.

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