Seal & Protect Wood

Seal and protect the natural wood inside and outside your home

Wood adds a natural touch, but it also needs a little help to look its best. Protect your wood with sealants and stains that ward off moisture and harden against the stress of everyday use.

Wood is used inside and outside the home for walking, sitting, working, and playing on. When choosing a refinishing product, it’s important to consider how the wood you’re working with will be used. With Solvable’s products you can find the seals and stains that put the right finish in your refinishing project.

Sealing wood for increased resistance

Unless you know that it’s built to last, the job is not done. The need to seal wood decks and wood panelling is easy to see because they are exposed to the sun and the rain. But even wood indoors needs protection from the elements.

Protect your hard work with a sealant that stops moisture from creeping in and prevents high humidity from warping cabinets, furniture, and floors. Seal wood floors to resist scratching from furniture, pets, and high traffic. Otherwise you may feel like you’re walking on eggshells instead of hardwood.

Choose a product the professionals trust and match a Solvable product to your refinishing project.

Staining wood increases its natural beauty

Stain wood to protect it – and to bring out the best in its natural qualities. Staining natural wood gives you the opportunity to enhance both its function and aesthetic appeal.

Use boiled linseed oil to stain pine or maple to create a warm golden tone. To stain wood like walnut, more oil is absorbed and the wood will darken to a deep, rich colour. Outdoor projects like staining a deck will benefit from the extra protection against heat, scratching, and moisture.

Protecting wood from frost and moisture

Wood livens any backyard with a natural colour and feel, making it a perfect transition from home to the outdoors. Keep your wood surfaces looking their best with regular maintenance, especially in the winter months, when frost can wreak havoc on exterior wood structures.

All wood carries some moisture, which causes it to expand and contract. When you seal a wood deck, a wood fence, or any exterior wood structure, you control how much moisture it absorbs. Solvable’s products deliver the strength you need to protect your exterior wood.

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