Strip Coatings From Metal and Concrete

Strip Coatings from Metal and Concrete

Professional contractors stake their reputation on delivering superior results. For that you need reliable tools, including paint and varnish strippers that are powerful yet gentle enough to take on any combination of coatings. Whether you're a pro or a DIY'er, Solvable's Paint & Varnish Stripper and Heavy Duty Stripper are designed to transform worn metal and concrete surfaces quickly and effectively, so you can easily achieve the look you're after.

Paint Removal Simplified

Paint comes in many forms – latex and oil based, acrylic, alkyd enamel, and polyurethane. Whether you’re a DIY’er or a professional contractor, be prepared to take on different types of paint coatings when refinishing metal and concrete surfaces. Solvable’s Paint and Varnish Stripper is strong enough to treat paint that has seeped into concrete over time. It’s also gentle enough to restore metal surfaces to their former glory without damaging the surface itself.

Remove Glue and Adhesives

If you take on serious projects, you will inevitably come up against industrial strength glue and adhesives. Eventually, you will need to scrape glue and adhesives directly off the metal and concrete surfaces you’re working with. This is time consuming, laborious work, but you can make this step quicker and easier with Solvable’s Heavy Duty Stripper.

Remove Stubborn Varnishes

Varnish serves an important purpose – it protects the natural look of concrete and metal. However, without the right tools, replacing old varnish or safely changing your surface’s finish can be challenging. Trust Solvable’s Professional Grade Paint & Varnish Stripper to get the job done quickly and easily without damaging the surfaces you’re working to restore.

Remove Polyurethane and Shellac

Polyurethane and shellac are versatile coatings that you will find everywhere from furniture to the garage floor. With Solvable’s Professional Grade products, like our Heavy Duty Stripper, you can prepare metal and concrete surfaces for a new look while safely and easily removing old polyurethane and shellac finishes.

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