Make what's old new again with our refinishing products

Sometimes the old needs to make way for something new. You might strip away old layers of paint to restore a piece’s former glory or to give it an entirely new look. Either way, you need solvents that target paint without damaging what’s underneath and seals or stains that protect and enhance the material you're working with.

Committed to superior professional grade products, Solvable can help you take on any refinishing challenge. With solutions designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can refinish anything. Wood floors, furniture, cement walls and even metal or brick can be brought back to life with our refinishing products.

Discover long lasting results that combine the strength to remove stubborn paint and lacquer with a delicate touch that cares for and protects surfaces.

Strip Coatings From Metal and Concrete - Solvable

Strip Coatings From Metal and Concrete

Metal and concrete are some of the strongest and most versatile materials in construction. Unfortunately, the variety of finishes found on metal and concrete surfaces can be challenging to remove. With Solvable's Professional Grade products, enthusiasts and experts alike can count on quick and effective results. Confidently strip paint, adhesives, varnishes and more to prepare metal and concrete for their next finish while achieving the desired look.
Seal & Protect Wood - Solvable

Seal & Protect Wood

Wood adds a natural touch, but it also needs a little help to look its best. Protect your wood with sealants and stains that ward off moisture and harden against the stress of everyday use.
Strip Metal & Other Surfaces - Solvable

Strip Metal & Other Surfaces

Different materials bring different challenges. When stripping paint, its important to know how to remove the paint without damaging those materials. Within 5 minutes, you can remove paint from metal, wood and concrete while protecting the natural beauty of the material. Target and remove the paint with Solvable’s professional grade solvents.
Strip Wood Surfaces - Solvable

Strip Wood Surfaces

Refinishing wood surfaces begins with stripping away the old, worn finish and preparing the material for something new. But this is much more than a face lift! When done properly, refinishing brings out the natural beauty of wooden surfaces, while adding protection and durability.

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