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Methyl Hydrate

Best for Preventing Gas Line Freezing.

  • Cleans glass, metal, carpet, leather, asphalt and many other surfaces
  • Thins Shellac
  • Removes superglue and other adhesives
  • 99.9% pure

Solvable Professional Grade Methyl Hydrate is a 99.9% pure versatile product with multiple cleaning and thinning uses. It also has a low freeze point which makes it suitable for many de-icing applications.

DIRECTIONS: When using as fuel, fill appliance away from heat or open flame. Never refill when appliance is warm. Do not use for starting fires. Smokeless when burned.

Always test on an inconspicuous area first

Use As Per Label Directions


Solvable Methyl Hydrate Packaging Specifications

Item # Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
53-390 500 mL /12 056438533900 10056438533907
53-391 946 mL /6 056438533917 60056438533919
53-394 3.78 L /4 056438533948 40056438533946
53-398 18.9 L 056438533986 -
23-399 205 L 056438233992 -

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